Campfire Denim Apron

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TENGU LIFE is fire-resistant and can be used safely in campfires and BBQ. The denim fabric is specially processed to improve flame retardancy. Compared to general denim, the burning speed is slower, and self-extinguishing is better. We carefully selected 13oz high-quality Okayama denim fabric, which is tough and light enough.

Fireproof Quality


TENGU LIFE has 14 storage functions: 5 pockets, 8 loops, and a drink holder. Plus, it has 2-way straps and a snap button to help your work quickly. As you can see, no other apron has the functionality to store so many tools at once. You can expect to use it for camping, BBQ, DIY, motorcycle repair, gardening, and in the kitchen!

Two Beautiful Colors

We have two colors, black denim, and coyote denim, and both colors are equally popular! It is just one size for both men and women. TENGU LIFE fits on both of them, even wide enough to wear over jackets in winter season!

Okayama, Japan - The Land of Denim.

TENGU LIFE was born in Okayama, the world-famous denim region in Japan, producing lots of high-quality items to the world!


After reviewing all the positive and negative feedback from the TENGU LIFE version 1.0 distributed in the Japanese market via Green Funding, we added extra softness to the denim. Thus, version 2.0 is much better for all camping lovers who need toughness, durability, and soft feeling on the wear.

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